Buy Pentylone Online

Buy Pentylone Online

Product Name:……Pentylone

IUPAC Name:…….β-Keto-Methyl​benzo​dioxolyl​pentanamine,
Other Names:…….bk-Methyl-K, bk-MBDP.

Cas Number:……..17763-02-9

Molecular Formula:……..C13H17NO3

Molar Mass:…….235.283 g/mol

Effect:……..exhilarated, alert, awake, agitated, paranoid, aggressive,

Purity of the substance:………99.9%
Physical properties:……Powder

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Buy Pentylone Online

Buy Pentylone Online (β-Keto-Methyl​benzo​dioxolyl​pentanamine, βk-Methyl-K, βk-MBDP, methyl​enedioxy​pentedrone, or 1‐(3,4‐methylenedioxyphenyl)‐2‐(methylamino)pentan‐1‐one) is a stimulant developed in the 1960s. It is a substituted cathinone (a type of substituted phenethylamine).

It has been identified in some samples of powders sold as “NRG-1”, along with varying blends of other cathinone derivatives including flephedrone, MDPBP, MDPV and 4-MePPP. It was also found in combination with 4-MePPP being sold as “NRG-3”.

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Side effects include feelings of paranoia, agitation and inability to sleep, with effects lasting for several days at high doses.

It tends to be described as a fairly mild and not particularly recreational stimulant, but there are outlier reports of euphoria and even entactogen-like effects. Reports claim it can provide stimulation and prevent sleep when used close to bedtime.

Based on some reports, it might be the case that 40-50+ mg (oral) leads to more euphoria and some potential entactogen-like effects.

Pentylone has sometimes led to pronounced cardiovascular effects, with notable tachycardia and chest pain.

Usually people don’t report a strong urge to redose and the comedown/after effects are minimal.

Psychiatric concerns might exist with large doses and in vulnerable individuals.

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